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Since starting as a German to English legal translator in 2009, I have translated well over 1 million words for law firms, publishers and translation agencies. I translate exclusively from German to English, staying true to my native tongue.

I translate court judgments, contracts, terms and conditions, memoranda and academic texts. For in-depth examples of the work I have done, see the case studies here.

I use the latest technology and extensive reference materials to ensure accuracy, quality and consistency of translations. You can read about my approach to legal translation here.


And it’s not just experience that I have: I excel at legal translation in particular because I have a background in law and linguistics in both Germany and Ireland.

I hold a Bachelors of Law and German (Ireland), a diploma in German Law (Erlangen) and an LL.M. in International and European Commercial Law (LMU, Munich).

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I am easy to reach: thomas.carney ( at)

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